Braga.JS – 2nd Remote Edition

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Braga.JS – 2nd Remote Edition

01/06/2020 @ 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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We’re back with the 2nd remote edition of Braga.JS

This time, we’ll be talking about code reviews and pair programming
Marcelo has a PhD on formal methods from the University of Oxford and over the last years, he worked on program analysers at IBM, Microsoft Research, Google and SonarSource.
Our second speaker will be Edwin Cruz, co-founder and CTO at MagmaLabs. When he’s not doing management tasks, he spends his time doing some pair programming, finding and fixing performance issues, improving open source software, attending conferences as an attendee and/or speaker, organizing code retreats and raising two kids with his wife.

19:00 Join the call ( and say hi to everyone

Marcelo Sousa – Becoming a super reviewer with semantic code reviews

Code reviews are an increasingly important process in software development to guarantee high standards of code maintainability, reliability and security. Still, in 2020, we are still doing painful code reviews based on textual differences over files. At, we are working on semantic code reviews, a new approach to reduce the friction associated with code reviews and enable developers to spend more time reviewing what matters. In this talk, I will present semantic code reviews for’s pull requests and how developers can use this new superpower in their pull request reviews.

Edwin Cruz

Code quality is always a controversial topic, who decides how good code looks like? Is it enough to keep small methods, classes with single responsibility, skinny controllers, fat models, etc to keep under control the code that we create every day? In this talk, I’ll go through some utils that we can take advantage of to measure code quality, how to create scalable code, and the most important part, how to find what code needs to be improved.


7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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